About Lumen Naturae

Lumen Naturae was born in fall of 2015 by Irene, the owner and curator behind the brand. Several years prior Irene was creating items for herself after finding it difficult to locate truly natural and vegan products on the market. So many brands were using synthetic ingredients, petroleum, and many more toxins. And the packing for many items were in plastic vessels and packaging. She was very passionate about animal and environmental welfare so all this was not inline with her beliefs. 

Irene - Owner and Curator of Lumen Naturae 


As she started to educate herself about DIY beauty she realized that she could also incorporate her love for herbalism into her items. She knew that utilizing the power of plants into everyday skin care and bath and body was her true calling. While also ensuring to only use the highest quality organic ingredients and using very little plastic in her packaging.  This sprung her idea to then educate and offer her creations beyond friends and family. This was were Lumen Naturae was conceived.